Rediscovering a Legend — Amelia Earhart's Flight Across America »

The mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart's disappearance over the Pacific in 1937 is one of aviation's most enduring. Last September, a resourceful team used the only flying Avro Avian in North America to follow their dream of re-creating one of Earhart's first flights, despite the winds of change sweeping the nation. AVweb's Senior News Editor Mary Grady met the team when they launched from New York. More

High Fliers (My Time as a U-2 Pilot) »

The USAF's U-2 aircraft, a product of Lockheed's "Skunk Works," is alternately known as a spyplane, "Dragonlady," or simply "The Article." Conceived, engineered and flown in near-record time, its basic design has been flying since 1954. It is a single-seat, single-engine, high-altitude reconnaissance platform that requires its pilot to wear a full pressure suit due to its operational characteristics. Paul Memrick, now an airline pilot based in Texas, flew the U-2, including service in Desert Shield. This is one of the many stories about the plane and one of its pilots. More

Graduation Day »

It's hard to get too sympathetic with frustrated airline passengers about the abysmal service and delays they experience when the alternative general aviation is so much more enjoyable. Even more so when a 57-year-old airplane can fly cross-country on a schedule and deliver its occupants to their daughter's college graduation when airline flights carrying other attendees had to divert. Howard DGA-15 owner David Schober shared this story about a recent trip that gave him the opportunity to think back on how far we've all come, on aviation's history in the U.S., remembrances of how things used to be and how some things have stayed the same. More

Dancing with the Cub »

Spring will soon be upon us in North America, and with it will come the gentle sounds of tires skimming over newly-mown grass, props quietly ticking over at idle and the muted drumming of doped fabric. Yes, it will soon be time to drag that Cub out of the hangar. Many pilots never look beyond the tricycle-gear "spam cans" in which they learned to fly. One pilot, Rob Guglielmetti, became so intrigued with the allure of fabric-covered taildraggers that he had to go try one on for himself. This is the story of how he learned to dance with the Cub. More

Mike Fizer's Tips on Air-to-Air Photography »

In a special supplement to his profile here on AVweb, aviation photographer Mike Fizer offers some tips to help you improve your own air-to-air photo skills. More

An Airplane Bearing Gifts »

A personal airplane can be many things to its pilot, all at the same time. This time of year, it can be a very special vehicle, simultaneously taking us forward to our future and back to our roots. Even as we contemplate gathering with family and friends, we can marvel in our ability to go places and do things as few others. During these holidays, many of us will be using our airplanes to go home, whether "home" is a location or a state of mind. In this very special story, AVweb's Rick Durden explores what it means to be a pilot, what it means to fly and what "going home" during these holidays can mean. More