G3 SR20 Has New Wings, Refined Interior

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When Cirrus unveiled the G3 SR22 at last year's Sun 'n Fun, the reaction was positive and the response from customers was favorable. Lessons learned from the improvements of the flagship model were applied to the entry-level SR20 and it made its show debut at this year's Sun 'n Fun. Probably the biggest change (and biggest mystery) of the project was putting the new wing from the SR22 on the new SR20. Previous SR20s had a smaller wing than their more powerful stablemates. But when the larger wing was put on the SR20, the cruise speed actually went up by six or seven knots.

The carbon fiber spar in the G3 wing weighs 40 lbs. less. Cirrus also added vortex generators and other small aerodynamic touches to improve handling, including a one-degree dihedral increase that eliminates the need for a rudder/aileron interconnect that had caused problems. The interior has also been redesigned with smoother lines and recessed switches with backlighting and a reworked fuse panel.

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