Lightspeed Reaches Out to Non-Profits

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Lightspeed Aviation is inviting customers and all pilots to help promote worthy aviation-related causes through its Lightspeed Aviation Foundation charitable program. Lightspeed has selected 20 non-profit aviation charities to be potential beneficiaries of a unique online charity drive. At a news conference at Sun 'n Fun 2010, Lightspeed CEO Allan Schraeder said the purpose of the drive is to promote aviation, draw more people into it and make it better for the planet. The company is putting up a minimum of $50,000 to support at least five non-profits accomplishing those goals tub there's an important interactive aspect.

Lightspeed has selected 20 organizations it thinks meets those goals and is asking any pilot to vote for the group it thinks is most worthy. The top five selections will each receive at least $10,000 each. Those who buy Lightspeed products in the next year can augment those totals or ensure the 15 groups not selected get something. Purchasers of a Zulu can direct $50 to the charity of their choice while those who buy a Sierra or Mach 1 will send $25.