"I Survived Sun 'n Fun" T-Shirts For Sale

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The Sun 'n Fun tornado last week was certainly a dramatic enough event, and affected enough people, that a T-shirt to commemorate it was inevitable. By Saturday, show-goers were turning up with gray T-shirts that proclaim, "I survived Sun 'n Fun 2011," with a graphic of a spinning tornado tossing tents, airplanes, and various critters into the air. The actual tornado that hit the airport, while it was certainly damaging, was not quite so dramatic as the one on the T-shirt, but for those who were there, it's now officially a t-shirt-worthy event.

The shirts are for sale online at PilotMall.com for $25.

For a look at dramatic tornado-force winds flipping an airplane end over end, click here for AVweb's exclusive video of the storm. The National Weather Service confirmed on Friday that a tornado struck the field, with top wind speeds of 95 mph; click here for the details from their report.