Factory-Built RV-12s Almost Ready »

Dick VanGrunsven says slow and sure is the pace to success and that's why we won't see large-scale production of the renowned kitplane manufacturer's only ready-to-fly model anytime soon. "We're kind of taking it gradually into this new arena," VanGrunsven told AVweb in a podcast interview at Sun 'n Fun 2013 . Van's introduced the factory-built RV-12 SLSA at AOPA Expo in Palm Springs and almost instantly got the support it needed to start its trial production run with partner Synergy Air, of Eugene, Ore. The first 12 aircraft were sold the first day and several others were put on a waiting list. The first of the initial run are almost finished and ready for delivery this summer and the lessons learned are being evaluated. "It will give us a better idea of how effective and efficient the production is," he said. Meanwhile, the company's other new project, the RV-14 was on hand in Lakeland. More

Sun 'n Fun 2013 Photo Gallery: Paradise City »

click for photos With the 39th annual Sun 'n Fun fly-in in full swing, we decided to lighten up and spend some time among the frames, sticks, and engines of Paradise City. Click for photos. More

Air and Space Channel in the Works »

If you find yourself missing the old Wings channel, there may soon be a replacement. After several years of work, television entrepreneur Phil Hurst told AVweb that his latest project, Air and Space Television, grows ever nearer to going on the air. "We're through the first phase, which is developing content and making sure there's an audience out there and developing the entire concept," Hurst said in an AVweb interview . After that, said Hurst, A&S TV will actually acquire the content, then acquire an underperforming network to launch the new service. More

iPad Mounting Solutions »

iPads may have conquered the cockpit, but handling and mounting them with ease remains a challenge. MyGoFlight has set out to tame the iPad in the cockpit, offering a variety of products -- including kneeboard mounts, glare shield mounts and storage cases. Unlike other manufacturers with similar but universal mounting products, MyGoFlight offers mounts that are specific to aircraft type, particularly for mounting on a control yoke. More

MWFly's Unique Experimental Engines »

An Italian company named MWFly has come up with an intriguing way to handle the problem of torsional loads on small geared engines. Rather than a clutch or a dog gear to absorb the loads, MW's idea is to reduce the loads in the first place so it has developed a variable compression ratio design that backs off compression at idle and low speeds, but allows it to return to high compression when more power is needed. More

EAA Ready To Roll, Sequester Or Not »

The federal sequester will certainly have an impact on EAA AirVenture, coming up in July in Oshkosh, Wis., chairman Jack Pelton told AVweb on Thursday in a podcast interview , but he's sure the show will go on as usual. Pelton also said the search for a new president to replace Rod Hightower is on hold at least until after AirVenture. "There's no timeline," he said. "As a retired volunteer, I can spend as much time as necessary to keep the organization going." The extra tower staff for AirVenture is generally provided by volunteer controllers, he said, so even if the contract operation is closed, he expects the tower will run as usual. Pelton also said he's "a little bit pessimistic" about getting the EAA/AOPA Class III medical exemption request approved. More

From Sporty's, New Technology For The Cockpit »

The biggest news from Sporty's this week at Sun 'n Fun was the release of their second-generation Stratus device (click here for the AVweb video) , but at a news conference on Wednesday the company also highlighted some other developments. For those who haven't yet tried the popular Foreflight flight-planning software, Sporty's educational division has developed an hour-long online instructional video with all the basic information a beginner would need to get started. The "Flying with Foreflight" video is available now for about $30 and an app version also will be coming soon, company spokesman John Zimmerman said. He also said a new product now available for $129 can turn an iPhone into a cockpit video camera complete with audio and GPS tracking. More

Epic Heads For Certification »

Epic Aircraft is moving toward certification of the E1000 turboprop single based on the popular LT kit model and hopes to have all the paperwork done sometime in 2014. In a podcast interview at Sun 'n Fun 2013 , spokesman Mike Schrader said the certification bid is fully funded by the company's Russian owners and it hopes to be selling ready-to-fly aircraft by 2015. Epic recently took over the former Cessna Corvalis production facility in Bend, Ore., and is pursuing a production certificate for the aircraft in parallel with the certification, Schrader said. At $2.75 million and with a top cruise of 325 knots he said it's aggressive competition for existing turboprop singles and little jets. More

Sun 'n Fun 2013 Photo Gallery: Exhibitors »

click for photos We spent our first day at the 39th annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-In kicking tires and checking out new offerings from the show's many exhibitors. Click for photos. More