New At Cessna: FIKI For Corvalis, Cloud Software, Police Version »

Cessna's new version of the Corvalis, the TTX, will include an option for flight into known icing, the company said at Sun 'n Fun this week. The FIKI system can provide up to two and a half hours of protection from most ice attaching to the airframe, with virtually no impact on performance, Cessna said. The TTX, which is scheduled to start deliveries late this year, will also feature upgraded Garmin avionics with touch screens. The company also introduced a couple of new software products and an "Enforcer" package to integrate surveillance equipment into its airplanes for law-enforcement customers. More

Build A Plane Asks Kids' Help In Fundraising »

Build A Plane, the nonprofit group that helps school kids build their own airplanes, is asking kids around the country to pitch in and help to raise money for the organization, and win prizes in the process. AOPA announced at Sun 'n Fun this week that they have signed on as a partner in the project. Participants up to age 18 are asked to find sponsors to make a pledge to Build A Plane for each mile they travel from home to EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh later this summer. Those who raise the most can qualify to win prizes, including a private pilot training course from Redbird Flight Simulations, a seven-day Bahamas trip from Air Journey, scholarships, and pilot supplies like headsets and flight bags. More

Sun 'n Fun's Resident Black Diamond Plus Mig-17s »

The Black Diamond high-performance, high-precision jet team is based at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport and mixes Air Force, Navy and civilian pilots flying L-39s and Polish-made Mig-17s (one Lim-5 and one Lim-6). The team's two civilian pilots include the CEO of its main sponsor, Harbortouch, a touchscreen point-of-sale system. Its Air Force component includes former Thunderbird team members and its Navy component includes a former Top Gun instructor. Together the team will challenge any other for tightest formation flying today and the Migs may be the only two in the country currently flying regular performances together as part of a larger team. More

New Owners Aim To Enhance Sky Arrow Airplane »

The Sky Arrow, a composite, tandem airplane with a pusher prop, is under new ownership, the new owners announced at Sun 'n Fun on Wednesday. Magnaghi Aeronautica, based in Naples, Italy, has bought the design, first introduced in 1993, and plans to upgrade it with new features such as larger wing tanks, improved aerodynamic design and stability, stronger structural elements, and new avionics. It will be available as both an LSA and a certified aircraft, company spokesman Vincenzo Damiano told AVweb . The company also is developing a four-seat version of the airplane. More

Apollo 17, 40 Years Ago, Remembered »

Only 12 humans have ever walked on the surface of the Moon; only one of them, Harrison Schmitt, was a scientist, and he came to Sun 'n Fun this week. Schmitt, a geologist, is appearing at several events to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 17 mission. In a news conference on Wednesday morning, he brought to life his long-ago experience. His ship was blasted into space on Dec. 7, 1972, by the last of the Saturn V rockets, he said. At about 34,000 miles from Earth, he snapped the famous photo showing the whole planet, which is still the most-requested shot from NASA. Then he and Eugene Cernan landed on the Moon, where they spent 75 hours. More

FAST: One-Stop Record Keeping »

After six months of beta testing with real-world users, Andres Darvasi has rolled out FAST, an anywhere-accessible online tool that aims to provide one-stop shopping for aircraft record-keeping, maintenance and pilot-specific concerns. The level of detail available means that pilots can track individual components from the standpoint of cost and acquisition source, through any weight and balance effects, to associated regulatory or maintenance deadlines, requirements or squawks, and more. Pilots access the tool through . Darvasi is making the subscription-based service available with a 60-day free trial period. More

Anywhere Map's Multi-Platform App »

While apps for tablets like the iPad and Droid are appearing almost daily, the market thus far has been either/or. You either have an iPad or a Droid. But Anywhere Map announced here at Sun 'n Fun that it's taking a different tack. It's new Anywhere Map Freedom product will run on any of the popular platforms, including the Windows Mobile devices. In this video, Anywhere Map's Jay Humbard told AVweb that this app is designed to -- and does -- look much more like a portable GPS than do other aviation apps, which tend to be strong on chart management, flight planning and utilities while leaving navigation as an also-ran. More

SeaRey Seeks LSA Cert., Passes Milestone »

With over 20 years in the business, SeaRey has become the most popular very light amphibian on the market, with a tight-knit community, some 500 examples flying and hopes for LSA certification within the year (maybe by EAA AirVenture Oshkosh). The company prides itself on providing a safe, affordable, fun and versatile aircraft capable of taking owners into and out of areas of the country that might otherwise be inaccessible. It flies with an open or closed sliding canopy and has performance on a Rotax 912 or 914 that's well-suited to the LSA category. Customers say it's both docile in the air and maneuverable on the water. At Sun 'n Fun 2012, AVweb spoke with company president Kerry Richter about the roughly $35,000 kit (without engine or avionics) and the soon-to-be roughly $120,000 LSA. More

Van's "RV-1" -- The First Of The Breed »

The line of 7,620 aircraft flown that is the RV series of Van's Aircraft began with one -- and that one, flown originally by Van's founder Dick VanGrunsven in the mid-1960s, is here at Sun 'n Fun 2012, newly restored and flying. The aircraft had been existing in relative anonymity until nearly five years ago, when it attracted the attention of RV enthusiasts who recognized it as a historic artifact. The aircraft was acquired and a call was sent to the RV community that the restoration of what would come to be known as the "RV-1" would need their help. The community responded, and this year the aircraft flew in to Lakeland, Fla., on its own wings. It's now on tour and headed for one final destination. More

Flight Design Moving Forward With New Projects »

Flight Design is making progress with its newest LSA and four-place aircraft projects, the company said in a news conference at Sun 'n Fun on Tuesday. The CTLSi, powered by the new Rotax 912iS engine, is under development in Europe and flew this week for the first time, Flight Design USA CEO Tom Peghiny told AVweb . The airplane will be on display next month at the Aero Friedrichshafen show in Germany, and first deliveries are expected in June. The new engine comes with a $12,800 increase in price, but Peghiny said that includes electric trim and a lithium ion battery. The new engine also will deliver a fuel savings of about 21 percent at cruise speed at altitude, he said. More