Sun 'n Fun 2003: Wrap-Up »

Sun 'n Fun 2003 ends on mixed reviews -- to no one's surprise. Strong sales, many proclaim; too long, others contend; yet still a must-do. AVweb's Dave Higdon provides this recap from Lakeland. More

Sun 'n Fun 2003: Day Two »

We talk to a record-setting record setter, discuss Light Sport Aircraft with those most affected and examine a myriad of gadgets and goodies in our second installment of coverage from Sun 'n Fun. More

Sun 'n Fun 2003: A Centennial of Flight »

Even as GA mourns the loss of Meigs field and frets over lost jobs in Wichita, the Sun 'n Fun spring fly-in opened under cool and sunny skies, albeit with sparse crowds many attributed to war jitters and the shift from a Sunday to a Wednesday opening. Nonetheless, New Piper is bullish, rolling out two new models, and Garmin announced a slick new primary flight display system for the planed Mustang personal jet. More

Best Of The Breed »

Every year at Sun 'n Fun the best and the brightest show off their latest. From the tried and true to the leading edge of innovation the show offers the average pilot a rare chance to get face to face with the people behind the companies and hands-on with their products. Through years of Sun 'n Fun coverage, AVweb has developed some great relationships and had the opportunity to get behind the scenes with a few companies that through their pioneering spirit and contributions to the industry really stand out. Whether you can make it to the show or not these sponsors make AVweb's short list for "do not miss"... More