Up and Away in the Land of Wonders — Balloon Meet Image Gallery

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A gallery of images from the recent Experimental Balloon Rally in Post Hills, Vermont.

Click on any image to view a larger version.

Brian Boland's balloon loft and museum

Rigging the submarine for its journey aloft

One of many odd contraptions flown by balloon

This antique submarine flew this year.

Houston? Are you SURE this is how it works?

Everyone is welcome to help out

Time itself collects dust in the balloon museum

Maybe this will drive the fog away...

Bride and groom's first flight

A Boland balloon

Don't tell: A factory-built balloon!

One-of-a-kind design

Worth waiting for: Pancakes...

...with real Vermont maple syrup!

Morning mist

Better than coach class

A radio-controlled model

Something fishy going on here...

Low-slung but luxurious

Do penguins fall over backwards?

Ready for a ride

Product placement

A star to wish on

The minimalist's machine

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