Spectrum Inks Fleet Deal


Spectrum Aerospace has announced it has reached a deal to supply an undisclosed number of S-40 and S-33 aircraft to Starfish Aviation, of Northbrook, Ill., for an undisclosed amount of money. Spectrum President Austin Blue says both companies have policies against releasing financial details but he did say the order was worth in the “nine-figure range” so it must be more than $100 million. Starfish President Ken Ross said the combination of utility and the projected economy of the Spectrum jets is what attracted his company.

The eight-passenger S-40 will use the GE/Honda HF-120 engine, which the company has said will be up to 30 percent more efficient than other engines with its performance. The S-40 is slated for certification in late 2009. The seven-passenger S-33 has Williams FJ33 engines and is scheduled for certification in 2010. Spectrum says the lightweight carbon and epoxy composite used in construction will result in a 40-percent weight reduction over similar-sized aircraft.