Spokane FBO Sues For New Quarters


Spokane Airways is taking Spokane International Airport and its board of directors to court, claiming the airport owes it new digs to replace the buildings it was forced to vacate to make way for a new control tower. According to the Spokane Spokesman-Review, the FBO says its deal with the airport stipulates that if it has to move, its up to the airport to find comparable space. The business, which has about 100 employees, occupied six buildings that have to be demolished to clear sight lines for the new tower, which opens in August. The company was moved to smaller quarters and says its lease requires “relocation or substitution of other premises be at the expense of the [Airport] Board.” The airport says that lease was legally terminated and suggests the demand is excessive. The airports lawyer, Kevin Roberts, said it would cost the airport up to $15 million to build the kind of facilities the company is demanding, and he insists theres no requirement in the agreements for taxpayer-subsidized new construction. “They’re trying to get something not required under Washington law,” he told the Spokesman-Review. A hearing is set for next week, but the airport is trying to get the case dismissed before that.