Sport Aviation Showcase: AeroJones Expands Flight Design


AeroJones, which took over manufacturing and distribution of the Flight Design CTLS line, said it plans to expand early next year with a new facility in Florida. At the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase this week, AeroJones’ John Hurst told AVweb that the company hasn’t settled on a site yet, but the new sport aviation village on Deland Airport is under consideration.

AeroJones is a Taiwan-based company with manufacturing in mainland China, Hurst says. It was picked by Flight Design earlier this year after the company went into receivership due to a high debt load. AeroJones has acquired all of the Flight Design property rights, according to Hurst, and will manufacture, distribute and design the aircraft. Flight Design, a German-based company, will remain as a design arm. “They [Flight Design] liked AeroJones because of their superior facilities, their quality control abilities and their financing. They’re very well funded,” Hurst said. The new U.S.-based facility will add customer support capability and hopes to begin aggressive sales and promotion efforts. Hear more in this exclusive podcast recorded at the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase this week.