‘Sport Fuel’ Network Envisioned


The Aviation Fuel Club, a non-profit group dedicated to ensuring access to ethanol-free mogas for light aircraft, is hoping to launch a nationwide network of self-serve fuel depots stocked with 91-octane “pure” gasoline it will call Sport Fuel. Spearheading the effort is Mike Webb, who owns U-Fuel, a Wisconsin company that has developed and sold self-serve fuel systems for dozens of applications at sites all over the world. The Sport Fuel system involves a little more oversight, however.

The plan is to work with fuel distributors to get premium gas before the ethanol is added and make it available to operators of Sport Fuel stations at airports, marinas, race tracks and other places where alcohol-free gas is needed. Sport Fuel station operators will have to allow site inspections and periodic testing of the fuel they sell to ensure it remains free of ethanol, which can harm some engines used in aircraft, off-road vehicles and watercraft. “Aviation Fuel Club’s goal is to provide an economical source of fuel and quality assurance to members for their sport and aircraft engines,” the club said in a news release.