Survey Shows BizAv Hard At Work


Business jets aren’t the toys of playboy CEOs who bathe in gold coins, but the tools of mid- and small-business managers and mid-level employees, according to a survey conducted by GAMA and NBAA and Harris Interactive, a market research firm. The two aviation advocacy groups surveyed 350 pilots, flight department managers and directors of aviation business aircraft, plus 289 business aircraft passengers “in an ongoing effort to educate policymakers” about “the value of business aviation.” Pete Bunce, GAMA president and CEO, said the survey’s conclusions “stand in stark contrast to recent mischaracterizations of business aviation operators.” Among the groups’ findings reported last week, the vast majority (80 percent) of trips made by business aircraft are flown into airports with little or no scheduled service. Those trips are operated by companies, 75 percent of which fly only one turbine-powered aircraft and 59 percent of which have fewer than 500 employees.

Find the full copy of the survey online as a PDF. The work is the product of a GAMA/NBAA jointly sponsored campaign, entitled “No Plane, No Gain.”

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