SyberJet Expands In Utah


SyberJet, the company that now owns the SJ30 light business jet design originally developed by Sino Swearingen, has started construction on a new completion and delivery center at the Cedar City Regional Airport in southwestern Utah. The new facility is adjacent to the headquarters of SyberJet’s parent company, MSC Aerospace, and will provide space for marketing, sales, customer service, pilot training, interior finishing, and aircraft delivery. SyberJet President Chuck Taylor said the company plans to start deliveries late next year. Actor Morgan Freeman, who has flown an SJ30 since 2009, will be the launch customer for the newest version of the jet, the SJ30i.

The single-pilot-certified swept-wing SJ30 flies at speeds up to 486 knots, with a range up to 2,500 nautical miles. It’s equipped with Williams FJ44 engines and SyberVision avionics by Honeywell, and maintains sea-level cabin pressure up to 41,000 feet. The SJ30i will have a new interior design with a “fresh and inviting new look and feel,” according to the company’s news release. The next version in the works, the SJ30x, will feature more powerful FJ44-3AP-25 engines with dual FADEC controls, offering more range, quicker time to climbs, higher cruise speed at altitude, and increased payload. It’s expected to start deliveries in 2017. SyberJet has said it expects to produce about 12 to 24 airplanes per year, which will sell at about $8 million each.