Oops, But Not Busted »

Deviations happen, even to the best pilots. Some also may come with a heart stopping "call this number on the ground." Knowing how to handle the call can improve your odds of keeping it from becoming a violation. More

Flying the PAR »

It can best the ILS for minimums and requires no fancy equipment, yet this approach is becoming a thing of the past. More

VFR For IFR Pilots »

Sure, you can fly an ILS to minimums in a summer hurricane without breaking a sweat, but can you fly a VFR traffic pattern on a clear day? More

Vague Vectors »

When the rules say to fly a procedure turn, ATC may have other ideas. Here's why you should stand your ground and do the right thing. More

Safety Pilot in IMC »

We all agree the real learning happens when you take it into the clouds, but no one says the guy in the right seat has to be a CFI. More

The Lost Art of Heading »

Even in the modern world of airplane symbols on magenta lines, sharp heading and CDI skills are still golden tools. More

Skip Flight Planning »

In a world of radar vectors and GPS boxes, your route is either simple or predestined. Why sweat it? More

Circling With Precision »

A circling approach is a visual game made safer with the right mix of math, estimation and skillful instrument flying. More

The Guys Back in Columbus »

If you hear this hangar story, don't roll your eyes. It's true. The pilot was forced to do a touch-and-go at O'Hare in a Cherokee. More