Ready to Rumble »

Assessing your skills and your judgment are crucial, particularly when the weather refuses to cooperate. As reported recently in Aviation Safety , legal IFR currency isn't the whole story. More

Eye of Experience #62: What's Wrong with Attitude Instrument Flying? »

Are pilots learning the safest way to fly on instruments? Or are they missing a piece that long ago was the standard -- how to fly WITHOUT the attitude indicator? AVweb's Howard Fried has seen many students come and go, and he says partial-panel training is only part of the story. More

Slam Dunk at the Marker »

There are times when, either for a challenge or for an emergency, you really don't want to take the time for a full 10-nm final approach. As Doug Rozendaal wrote in IFR magazine, there are two ways to cut it shorter -- take a quick intercept turn at the outer marker, or do a highly modified procedure turn. More

Interphone Overkill »

AVweb's Phil Rowe reminds us when to go easy on the interphone chatter. More

Mingle with the Little People »

If you're used to flying into major airports where "vectors to final" is the rule, take a break from the big FBOs and file IFR to the smaller burgs beyond the FAA's grasp. Well, almost beyond: As Paul Berge describes, there are a few rules to follow. More

Where Will You Go? »

You probably know when an alternate airport is required for an IFR flight. But if you pick an alternate that is affected by similar weather patterns as your destination, how useful will it really be? When the destination weather is in the toilet, you may have to motor down the airway some distance before you find a useful alternate. More

Shoot Your Co-Pilot »

No, we don't mean you should "knock off" the right-seater; but unless you've trained together, that second set of hands groping your dials can be a liability. As Chip Wright wrote recently in IFR magazine, there are good ways to take advantage of a second IFR-rated pilot sitting next to you. More

Desktop Proficiency »

Although you can't use it to log training or currency, a PC procedures trainer might be the way to visit an unfamiliar airport or iron out an arrival procedure before you even open the hangar door. In a recent IFR Refresher , Brian Johnson explained how to use software that used to be "just a game" to save time and money, and increase safety during real flights. More

Partial Panel + VFR GPS »

In a recent article exploring the use of an IFR-approved GPS, Jeremy Jankowski briefly explained how to use the GPS during a partial-panel situation. In a follow-on to that article, John Ruley goes more deeply into the partial-panel situation, and poses the tricky question: Can you use a VFR-only GPS in a partial-panel situation? More