A Controller's View of METAR »

It isn't just pilots who are concerned about the changeover to METAR and TAF weather reporting. Air traffic controllers are scrambling to learn how to break the new code, too. New York TRACON's resident expert on METAR shows how the new weather reports aren't really as tough to figure out as they look ... and are actually better than the old familiar SA reports in a number of important respects. More

The No-Brainer NDB Approach »

NDB approaches would be simple if it weren't for all that doggone crosswind correction stuff. Well...did you ever consider what would happen if you simply tossed those pesky tracking procedures out the window and simply homed to the station, then held final approach heading after station passage? The results could surprise you...they're better than you might think. (Just don't try this on your ATP checkride!) More

All Those Ms »

The FAA's TERPS wizards chart MEAs, MOCAs, MCAs and MRAs to make sure we can fly through the clag without encountering embedded rocks and trees. Sometimes we have to fly at or above these minimum altitudes, but not always. Here's the skinny. More

Vectors to Final »

We practice full approaches and procedure turns. But in today's radar-dominated ATC environment, vectors to final is the way it's really done. There's a lot more to it than just holding a heading. More

Who Needs Holds? »

Sure, you're supposed to know how to do them, but have you ever noticed how ATC hardly ever uses the dumb things? Here's the real story about holding, and its cousin flow control. More

Declaring an Emergency »

So, you've declared one. What happens next? The not-so-awful truth. More

Tower BRITEs »

These days, more and more towers have radar but that doesn't necessarily mean they can provide the same separation services as approach and Center. A veteran controller from O'Hare tower gives the inside dope on the BRITE displays that towers use. More