Actual Transmissions by O'Hare TRACON »

A little ATC humor from The NATCA Voice , the newsletter of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. More

The Separation Game »

From the cockpit, the airway looks deserted. So what's ATC's problem, anyway? Separation standards, that's what. To understand why controllers do what they do, it helps to know the rules that they're required to play by...not to mention the infamous "snitch patch." More

A Controller's View of Emergencies »

A senior controller from New York TRACON talks about what emergencies look like from his side of the radar scope. More

Nightmare at Oakland Center »

When all the radar screens went dark and all the radios went silent for 45 minutes, Northern California airspace became uncontrolled and nobody knew what to do about it. More

Inside Conflict Alert »

Conflict prediction is probably the most complex task that the ATC computers at TRACONs and ARTCCs perform. If you're curious about how it works, here's a glimpse inside the CA patch. A special supplement to Mike Busch's article " Computer-Generated Safety Alerts ." More

Computer-Generated Safety Alerts »

There's an ATC computer tracking your transponder. One of its jobs is to sound an alarm if you get too close to terrain, obstructions, or other aircraft. Unfortunately, the computer has imperfect information and no judgement. More

Outsmarting the *!#@% ATC Computer »

Tired of getting circuitous IFR routes that bear no resemblance to what you filed? Upset with those clearances that take you over the mountains or way out to sea? You can probably wangle the IFR route you want...provided you're willing to resort to deviousness and skulduggery. More