Talking GPS For Aircraft


A Silicon Valley company has come up with voice-based GPS for aviation use. GiPSi Navigation Corp., of Menlo Park, Calif., says the GiPSi eliminates “heads-down” navigation by enunciating the information a pilot needs in a “clear human voice.” In fact, the GiPSi has no display. It communicates entirely by voice. In a news release the company said the $395 device doesn’t require extensive training and allows pilots to maintain situational awareness. “The interaction is very intuitive. It speaks to the pilot. The pilot can focus on flying the airplane.”

The pilot creates a flight plan on his or her computer and downloads it into the device. As the flight progresses, it logs flight movement with time-stamped altitudes, airspeeds, track and bearing deviations, along with waypoints. It can notify the pilot of the aircraft’s exact location and other types of information commonly found on GPS units.