Tandem Jump Separation Was Suicide


A skydiving instructor who fell to his death in a tandem jump in Lebanon, Maine last September committed suicide according to the Maine Medical Examiner’s Officeas reported by WBZ in Boston. As we reported in September, Brett Bickford became separated from the customer during the tandem jump. The medical examiner’s office has ruled Brett Bickford’s death a suicide after hearing from experts who agreed that loosening his harness enough to release himself from the customer had to be intentional. Bickford slipped out of the harness at about 5,000 feet AGL leaving the inexperienced customer to ride the parachute down.

The customer landed safely but Bickford hit the ground about 750 feet from the runway at the airport in Lebanon and his body was found a day later in a wooded area. Bickford, 41, was an instructor for Skydive Lebanon.