Taylorcraft Repossessed: Strut Customers Contacted


Taylorcraft Aviation LLC has been repossessed by its previous owners and that has affected an undetermined number of customers who had paid $3,500 for new lift struts but havent received them yet. J. Scot Ruffner, who is managing the repossession of the Brownsville, Texas, company for the former owner, Taylorcraft 2000 LLC, told AVweb hes trying to contact everyone who paid for a set of struts before the Feb. 21 repossession date so they can figure out where to go from here. Anyone out there who has paid for a set of struts and has not been contacted by me should call me right away (561-547-7931) so we can get an accurate picture [of how many are affected], Ruffner said. Installation of the new, sealed struts eliminates the inspection requirements of an airworthiness directive (AD) issued last year to address corrosion issues in the original struts.

Taylorcraft Aviation had taken a number of orders for the struts but hadnt filled any prior to the repossession. The new/old owners have built 13 sets of struts but they need final FAA approval before they can be shipped. Ruffner said that once they know how many unfulfilled orders are out there they can determine how to proceed and theyre trying to do the right thing. Theres nothing wed like better than to make good on all those orders, he said, but he stressed that the viability of the company has to be considered in those discussions. Meanwhile, the type certificates, drawings, jigs, templates and everything else associated with the design that many consider the first and one of the best popular GA aircraft are for sale again and the owners are anxious to see it go to a viable home.