Tecnam Twin Now FAA-Certified


The FAA has issued a type certificate for Tecnam’s P2006T light piston twin, the company announced this week. The four-seat aircraft, powered by two Rotax 912S 100-hp engines, is aimed mainly at the training market, as well as flying clubs, private owners, air taxi, and surveillance. The airplane was certified in Europe last year and already about 50 copies have been delivered. The company says it has another 100 orders in hand. “We have now accelerated production to meet this unprecedented demand and we are now delivering a Tecnam P2006T every five days,” said Paolo Pascale, managing director for Tecnam. The company has eight dealers in place in the U.S., and plans to gain Canadian certification next. The Rotax engines can run on either avgas or auto fuel.

Prices for the P2006T (PDF) start at about $425,000; with a Garmin glass cockpit the price starts at $485,000. Tecnam CEO Phil Solomon told AVweb earlier this year that a fixed-gear model is in the works, which he expects will be popular with the owner-flown market. The company is also working on a turbo version of the twin and a de-icing option. Solomon said the P2006T is popular with flight schools for its efficient operation, docile single-engine handling qualities and durable all-metal construction. The engine is water-cooled, so shock cooling during single-engine training operations is less of a concern. It can climb 300 fpm on a single engine. Jeff Van West, of AVweb and Aviation Consumer, flew the P2006T last year; click here for his video report.