Teterboro Safety In The Spotlight


JFK and LaGuardia airports have twice the traffic of Teterboro, but since 2004 Teterboro has provoked twice the number of NTSB incident investigations, NorthJersey.com reported Friday. The NTSB found that either controller or pilot error contributed to nearly each case’s probable cause. The airport’s other near neighbor, Newark International Airport, has nearly three times the traffic hosted by Teterboro but has also seen fewer reported incidents over the past five years. At each airport those incidents involved everything from close calls between aircraft and ground equipment to aircraft damage and fatalities.

Teterboro is one of the nation’s busiest airports, and in 2007 saw an average of more than 540 operations per day. That traffic is composed, almost entirely, of a mix of general aviation and air taxi service that the other aforementioned airports do not see. Teterboro has since Jan. 1, 2004, provided the NTSB with cause for 13 investigations; Newark follows with 10 and JFK and LaGuardia chimed in with five and four, respectively.