The Age Of E-Books Arrives For Aviators


Many manuals, regs, training texts and other reference materials now can bought in a convenient e-book format via the online AVweb Bookstore, the company said this week. McGraw-Hill, Jeppesen, AeroEd, and the Aircraft Technical Book Company all have authorized the bookstore to distribute their publications online. The texts can be downloaded immediately, avoiding shipping costs and waiting time, and can be read with free Adobe Reader software on a variety of platforms, including Macs, PCs, handheld devices, and the popular Kindle wireless reading device. All of the illustrations and formatting of the printed book are preserved, and the texts are fully searchable. Hyperlinks make it easy to navigate through the text, and electronic storage makes it simple to keep your references handy at home, while traveling, or in the cockpit. And if you’re not sure that e-books are right for you, you can try one for free.

You can also find plenty of traditional books, DVDs, magazines, software, and more at the AVweb Bookstore site. The bookstore features over 500 titles from 56 publishers. About 60 percent of the catalog is now available in either printed or e-book format; that number is expected to rise to 90 percent by the end of this year, the company said. For e-book FAQs, click here.