The Fight For Hangar Homes


The reason the FAA now prohibits hangar homes next to publicly funded airports is based on noise considerations, but no data exists to back that position, according to (TTE) which seeks to “stop the FAA insanity.” Airports all over the U.S. have so-called “through-the-fence” agreements with adjacent landowners that allows them to taxi their aircraft from their homes to the airport. But the FAA is now officially discouraging the practice as set forth in the most recent Airport Compliance Manual dated Sept. 30, 2009. TTE says the FAA’s noise concerns are based on anecdotal information and that the FAA acted without seeking public comment or input on the topic. TTE believes that one benefit the FAA is removing by prohibiting hangar homes near airports the FAA is the potential security benefits of placing on airport property people with a vested interest in that property. The group put FAA administrator, Randy Babbitt, on the spot at the AOPA Summit.

When asked about the issue, Babbitt responded that the FAA is waiting to hear from the alphabet groups, according to TTE. Until then, what TTE calls a “stealth” and “wholesale directive” that may be better evaluated on a case by case basis remains in place.