The General Aviation Push For Stimulus


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that passed in the House last week “would pump an additional $3 billion toward airport improvements,” according to AOPA President Craig Fuller. Of course, the wording of the package is expected to see changes on its course through the Senate. And, the Senate is considering economic stimulus legislation that proposes “a smaller amount of additional AIP funding,” according to AOPA. Still, the organization is hopeful that projects that would immediately create jobs are backed by the argument of improving the country’s transportation infrastructure and apparent benefits for the long term, and may yet see favor. Under the plan as it is — before seeing the Senate — projects that could go to contract within three months of FAA approval would be the targets of additional funding. AOPA will be lobbying the House and Senate to include “bigger investment for airports” as they “resolve the differences in a conference committee.”

AVweb learned in March of 2008 that AOPA spent $4.8 million on lobbying efforts in 2007. That worked out to about $10 per member. The hot-button issue of that year, user fees, earned $1.4 million in lobbying efforts drawn from AOPA member dues.