Thielert Says It Will Resume Production Immediately


Thielert Aircraft Engines has resumed full production of its diesel engines, the company said on Wednesday. Just the day before, Diamond Aircraft had updated customers on its plans for getting by in a post-Thielert world, by certifying its airplanes to fly with Lycoming engines and accelerating the development of its own Austro diesel, already in the works. Now Thielert says it can produce up to 80 engines per month, almost as many as before the insolvency problems began. “We very much regret that losses were incurred because of the company’s insolvency,” said Bruno M. Kubler, the company’s insolvency administrator. “I am pleased that we can now supply Thielert customers with engines and spare parts once again.” There is no relief in sight, however, from the high parts prices Thielert posted a month ago. The company is offering a guarantee against defective materials and labor, but so far they have not offered to cover the expense to owners of required inspections of gearboxes. Kubler said a company audit will be completed this week, and then he will select “suitable investors” from more than 50 prospective buyers.

“An investor who is capable of securing the existence of the company on a long-term basis at the Lichtenstein and Altenburg locations and continues to develop the company’s leading position on the market for diesel piston engines should get the nod,” said Kubler. He added that he expects insolvency proceedings to start at the end of this month. The company’s business operations will continue even during those proceedings, he said.