TSA Watch: GA In The “Spotlight”


With this installment of our twice-monthly special coverage devoted to business aviation, AVweb inaugurates a new feature, “TSA Watch.” This feature, which will appear as the last news item in each BizAVflash and Business Aviation NewsWire published by AVweb, is designed to highlight the latest observed action — or inaction — by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) involving general and business aviation. Don’t worry about our having enough material: Kind of like watching the TCAS display on a Friday-evening approach into TEB, it’s a target-rich environment.

This issue’s inauguration of “TSA Watch” directs your attention to the TSA’s Web site, where the home page’s section “Spotlight” includes the link “General Aviation and TSA.” Clicking on that link eventually takes one to the TSA’s “General Aviation Homepage,” which includes a brief description of the industry and a collection of references to existing security rules, recommendations and the ongoing GA security hotline, 866-GA-SECURE (1-866-427-3287). While somewhat short and sweet in its discussion of GA and even more limited in its description of and links to material describing the security-related steps imposed on and voluntarily taken by the industry since 2001, the simple fact that the agency took the time and effort to develop the pages is a good thing.