Two Chances To Fly With The Thunderbirds


Two Chances To Fly With The ThunderbirdsThe U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds have been offering flights to special individuals through their Hometown Hero program and time is running out for a chance to fly with the team at McConnell Air Force Base’s (Kansas), or Salinas (California). The special individual who’ll fly as passenger at McConnell will be chosen from nominations that are being accepted through midnight, Sunday, July 11, for a flight that will take place during the week of Sept. 20-24. The California International Airshow held at Salinas will be marking its 30th anniversary Oct. 2-3 when another hometown hero will get a prime passenger seat. Nominees for that flight must be received by July 16. Nominees can be anyone who has given of themselves to better their community, but they should expect to fill out a confidential questionnaire that will include certain medical questions. As you might expect, there are more specific rules and requirements.

The Thunderbirds will not take anyone under 103 pounds or over 245 pounds and waivers will be requested if your nominee is within about 25 pounds of either end of that spectrum. The Thunderbirds flight surgeon will determine onsite the medical eligibility of anyone else who makes the cut. There are other restrictions. Use the following links for details. For the full list of requirements for those hoping to fly at McConnell, click here — you’ll find a link to the registration form on that page, too. For the Salinas rules and restrictions, click here and nominate your hometown hero online, here. Watch the promotional materials for your local airshows to see if the Thunderbirds will be making an offer closer to your home.