Typhoon Landing Causes A Buzz



Some airshow enthusiasts watching from the cheap (actually free} seats got a little more than those who’d paid their way into theRoyal Air Force Waddington International Air Show on Sunday. Although the Royal Air Force said the Typhoon was on a normal flight profile for landing at the show, some might argue with that claim. Several spectators, who were in an area off the end of the runway that was placarded as potentially dangerous, dove for cover as the state-of-the-art fighter finished its approach. The RAF says they got what they paid for but still apologized.

“The area concerned is directly under the flight path of the runway and has clear warnings and flashing traffic lights designed to ensure that the public stay clear,” the RAF said in a statement. “The approach of the Typhoon to RAF Waddington was completely normal and within all normal parameters.Individuals placing themselves under the flight path of aircraft that operate hugely powerful jet engines should not be surprised if they experience jet wash, nevertheless, the RAF apologises for any inconvenience caused.”