U.S. Pilot Fired On UFO During Cold War


Classified British documents from 1957 that were released this week reveal that a U.S. fighter pilot flying from an English air base was ordered to open fire on a massive unidentified object that had lit up his radar screen. Retired pilot Milton Torres, of Miami, is not named in the documents but has long maintained that the incident took place. Torres was flying an F-86D Sabre and was told to fire all 24 of his rockets at a mysterious object visible on radar above the North Sea. It was moving erratically and was almost the size of an aircraft carrier, according to the documents. It appears to be the only time that a military aircraft has been ordered to fire on a UFO. “It was an amazing night, and I never thought the truth would be told,” Torres said. “But I still don’t know what it was.” He told Sun Media that he believes the unknown aircraft — which he saw only as a radar blip — was a spaceship. “I don’t believe it was of this Earth,” he said. “It moved faster than anything we were capable of.” As he closed in on the blip’s location, it vanished from his instruments, he said.

Torres approached the UFO with most of his lights off, checking his instruments with a flashlight. His view was obscured by clouds and he never saw the aircraft. He felt as if he was about to strike the first blow in a war, he told Sun Media.