United Pilots Cite Safety Concerns


United Airlines pilots Tuesday released a 105-page report that blames lapses in flight safety on new procedures and poor training, according to The Associated Press. The report came from the pilots’ union, the Air Line Pilots Association. The union is currently working through contract negotiations with United. In September, the union sought a judge’s ruling to block the new training procedures. At that time, the union said the FAA was not properly monitoring safety. According to the new report, new procedures are so distracting that three separate flight crews almost landed gear up while trying to negotiate checklists. United management has a different opinion.

United says the union’s claims may be designed to influence contract negotiations. According to the company, the union “has a history of taking steps to disrupt the operations of the airline.” United is working to merge with Continental. The company is working to obtain from the FAA a single operating certificate by the end of 2011. The union says the airline is rushing that process and rushing training. According to the union, the airline is training pilots with virtual slideshows instead of putting crews in simulators or classrooms.