Universal Avionics Announces EASA Certification For Synthetic Vision


Universal Avionics yesterday said it obtained European certification for its Vision-1 Synthetic Vision System (SVS) last month under EASA standard ETSOA IM.21O.671. The Vision-1 image is a real-time computer-generated rendering of the terrain ahead of the aircraft oriented to the aircrafts vertical and lateral position when displayed on the company’s EFI-890R, MFD-640 or EFI-550 flat-panel LCD displays. Universals Vision-1 terrain imagery utilizes topographical coloring similar to that used on aviation sectional charts. Hills and mountains appear in shades of green and brown while oceans and other large bodies of water are colored blue. Special shading on the digitized terrain and the grid overlay that conform to the landscape on the synthetic world provide a sense of movement in flight. The Vision-1 is also capable of displaying a wingmans view, allowing a crew to view the flight profile based on the FMS flight plan.

The European ETSO certification for our Vision-1 Synthetic Vision System is great news for Universal and our European customers who can now benefit from the tremendous advantages Synthetic Vision brings in increased situational awareness and safety, says Marketing V.P. Paul DeHerrera. The Vision-1 Synthetic Vision System joins Universal Avionics’ other products, including the UNS-1 WAAS Flight Management Systems; the EFI-890R Flat Panel Display; a line of Flat Panel Integrated Cockpit Displays; TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System; the ASU chart, E-Docs, checklist display system; Cockpit Voice Recorder; Radio Control Unit; and a host of other avionics equipment.