Unleaded Alternative Eyes California


A newly formed California company is hoping to set up a distribution network for ethanol-free unleaded automotive gasoline to GA airports in the state. Clear Gas was created partly in response to a lawsuit threat from the Center for Environmental Health that would end the sale of 100LL in California. The company is also looking at the marine and off-road market for customers since engines used by many boats and off-road vehicles are allergic to the ethanol present in most automotive fuels. Aircraft using the fuel need an STC, and the company has information on how to obtain it. It estimates that upwards of 80 percent of aircraft can use the fuel legally.

The company hopes to set up an innovative distribution system that will allow customers to monitor online the fuel demand at airports in their area and place orders when that demand makes it feasible for a truck to be dispatched. Orders as small as 500 gallons without delivery penalties are envisioned under the system.