Urn Concern Causes Airport Delays


If you think flying via the commercial airlines is equivalent to descending through the gates of hell, one traveler found that even being on the far side of the afterlife is no protection against airport angst. An urn filled with cremated remains was improperly screened at an Indianapolis airport early Friday morning, the Associated Press reported, and when officials were unable to find the passenger accompanying the urn, all heck broke loose. Well, in a well-coordinated fashion, of course. Hundreds of prospective passengers were peacefully evacuated from the airport and then sent back through security a second time. Eight flights were delayed, but everyone eventually got to their destinations — though the ultimate fate of the contents of the errant urn, was not known.

The Transportation Security Administration told the AP it couldn’t comment on why the urn was found suspicious. Such containers generally are allowed as carry-on baggage.