Buying Used, Buying Smart: The Prebuy »

The economic downturn continues to depress used aircraft prices so if you've managed to escape significant and sustained financial peril you could be well positioned to pick up a good used aircraft at a very good price. Unfortunately, not all bargains are what they seem. The old phrase "buyer beware" is as true as it's ever been. The course most pilots take to avert the potential heartache and financial headache created by a bad aircraft purchase is the prebuy inspection. But not all inspections are equal. And if you think a recently logged annual is good enough, you may want to reconsider. More

What's Next For The Symphony 160? »

As for the future of the Symphony 160, "I don't know, specifically," Jeremy Keninger, the company's former national sales director, told AVweb . "I don't think it's the end of the aircraft -- it's a great value at that price point [IFR-equipped for about $165,000]," Keninger said. "It's too bad it didn't work out in Canada," where the company in recent years completed manufacturing facilities. Keninger could not confirm rumblings that the current lead creditor is thinking about resurrecting the company and bringing it to the U.S., where the cost of labor and efficient building practices would likely remain key issues. For aspiring owners with deposits already paid, "they will be treated as unsecured debts of [Symphony]," writes former president Paul Costanzo. "It is extremely unlikely that the proceeds of liquidation will be sufficient to pay the secured creditors, and as such the entirety of these deposit amounts will more than likely be lost." More

Avionics and Your Airplane »

Advertising in glossy airplane magazines (and, let's be honest, sometimes here on AVweb too) exhorts you to buy the latest, greatest, bleeding-edge avionics for your plane. Come time to sell it, though, and you might not get back what you put into it. Brian Jacobson discusses the value of upgrading your panel. More

High-Time or Low-Time Engine? »

When looking to purchase a used airplane, prospective owners are often confused about whether to get a plane with a "new" (overhauled) engine -- and pay a high purchase price -- or get one with a run-out engine and do the overhaul to a quality level they can control. Brian Jacobson analyzes both possibilities. More

Searching For The Right Airplane »

There are pilots, even student pilots, so enamored with their new hobby or budding career that they rush out to buy a plane and get on the fast upgrade track. Easy to make a mistake that way. More

Cheap to Keep »

There are many factors to consider when buying an airplane: speed, useful load, comfort, cost per hour, and of course, price. But if money alone drives the buying equation, read our survey of the absolute best values in five categories of used airplanes. More

The Rockwell STS »

Seats seven, and bring all the luggage you want in the big compartment on top. There's even a baggage loading and unloading arm for the lazy among you. Fuel burn? Block to block fuel burn is about the same as an A36 ... an amazing MPG for such a big, multi-engine aircraft. If you can manage the high CHTs (Cylindrical Hot Tail), you're in business. The only downside is the 747 you need to get it back to your hangar. Walter Atkinson took the Space Shuttle simulator for a test flight, and filed this report. More

Adopting A Comanche »

AVweb Special Projects Editor Dave Higdon adopted a Comanche 180 a few years ago. He approached the purchase with all the warmth of a bill collector. Efficiency ... payload ... performance ... bang-for-the-buck.  Now he's fallen in love. If you're not going to see A Christmas Carol this season, read Dave's story instead and enjoy his transformation. More

Malibu Mirage: The Ultimate Piston Single? »

Henry Ford reportedly said to a prospective buyer of the Model T that any color he wanted was available, as long as it was black. For pilots seeking a cabin-class, pressurized piston single, the choice is similar, according to Jeff Schweitzer, who owns a 1996 Mirage and serves as editor of the Malibu Mirage Owners Association magazine: You can buy any plane you like, as long as it's a New Piper Malibu Mirage. More