The Logbooks Tell All — Or Do They? »

Before buying any used aircraft, a thorough review of its maintenance records is essential. Some logbooks provide only the sketchiest details of an aircraft's service history, while others read more like War & Peace. A professional aircraft appraiser explains what you can tell from this...and what to do if any of the logbooks are missing. More

Great Deals — Or Are They? »

Searching the pages of Trade-A-Plane for great deals on used aircraft is a perennially popular pilot pastime, because everyone loves a bargain. But when an aircraft is listed for sale below its apparent fair market value, the seller almost always has a good reason. Here's how to protect yourself from getting stung. More

Partnerships: Panacea or Purgatory? »

With aircraft less affordable today than ever, there is a resurgence of interest in partnerships and other fractional ownership arrangements. While some of these pacts work out well, others turn out to be nothing but trouble from day one. Here's a look at how partnerships go awry and what can be done to avoid the pitfalls. More

The Prepurchase Inspection »

With the average age of the general aviation fleet at 30 year, the importance of doing a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection before you buy is greater than ever before. In this article, an aircraft purchasing expert discusses the ins and outs of a getting good pre-purchase, and offers a detailed inspection checklist. More

Do You Really Want a Twin? »

AVweb editor Mike Busch takes a long hard look at the truth about moving up from a high-performance single to a twin-engine aircraft. A brutally frank discussion of the minuses as well as the plusses of twin ownership, based on Mike's own nine-year experience owning and caring for his 1979 Cessna T310R. More

What's It Really Worth? »

You've found that dream aircraft in Trade-A-Plane, but is the seller's asking price anywhere near fair market value? In this article, an expert in aircraft appraisal explains how the pros determine what a used aircraft is really worth, and discusses each of the nine major "value factors" in detail. More

Where to Look for a Used Aircraft »

It's always nice if you can find the aircraft you're looking for close to home. But in today's difficult used aircraft market, you'll almost certainly have to look farther afield. In fact, today's serious American buyer needs to be prepared to consider aircraft located anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. This means doing a lot more homework before travelling long distances to look at that alleged cream puff. There are some extra "gotchas" involved in buying a Canadian aircraft and re-registering it in the United States. More

Choosing What Kind of Aircraft to Buy »

Before you get serious about shopping for an aircraft, you need to decide what kind of aircraft to buy. This is where first-time buyers often stumble badly, because they don't take the time to define the principal mission of the aircraft, and then choose an aircraft appropriate to that mission. A veteran aircraft owner explains that instead of buying the aircraft you want, you're usually a lot better off buying the one you need. More

The World According to Bud »

Veteran used airplane dealer Bud McGuire (not his real name!) offers plain-spoken wisdom on buying and selling airplanes—garnished with first-person war stories—in this colorful interview with Kas Thomas. More

Turbocharging and Pressurization: An Analysis of the Benefits, Costs, and Disadvantages »

Intrigued by the potential benefits of turbocharging and pressurization, but scared by the bad reputation and horror stories of reduced TBO and high maintenance costs? Don't believe everything you hear! AVweb editor Mike Busch (who has owned, flown and maintained a variety of piston-powered aircraft — normally- aspirated and turbocharged — over the past 30 years) offers a frank and detailed analysis of the costs and benefits. More