Viper Aircraft Introduces the FanJet


For the homebuilder who likes to go fast, Viper Aircraft has just released the newest member to their personal jet family, the Viper FanJet. This new aircraft is 17% larger than the existing model, the Mk II. This increase in space allows for pilots over 6′ 5″ tall to comfortably fit in the pressurized cabin, 25 cubic feet of cargo space, and the ability to utilize a turbofan engine for better fuel economy. The standard power plant for the FanJet is the Pratt & Whitney JT-15-4D turbofan engine. Compared to the MKII’s J-85 engine, the company says the JT-15 burns less than half the fuel while still providing over 2900 pounds of thrust. At economy cruise and full fuel this engine will provide a 1500 nautical mile range. “This is definitely a multi-purpose airplane,” Viper Aircraft VP Dan Hanchette told AVweb. “With full fuel and economy cruise this is a great cross country airplane. But load the aircraft with only 1 1/2 hours worth of fuel and the FanJet will retain the same power-to-weight ratio as the MKII giving you a very capable, high-performance aircraft.”

The FanJet will be released as a modular kit, making for fewer parts and easier construction. The first demo aircraft is expected to be flying within 15 months.