VLJ Growth Drives Simulator Market


As very light jets begin deliveries in the U.S., the demand for training is on the rise, and that’s good news for the folks who build flight simulators. An analysis by Frost & Sullivan, released this week, shows that training and simulation for VLJs is already a $73 million market and should grow to $84 million by 2010. “Unlike twin-piston or other aircraft comparable in size, VLJs are highly powerful aircraft with features once exclusive to commercial airliners and other big business jets,” said Frost & Sullivan analyst Garrick Ngai. “With the availability of technologies such as single-pilot resource management on VLJs, both new and transitioning pilots require extensive ground-based and in-flight instruction in order to fly these powerful micro-jets safely.” The training market will grow as the jets are delivered, and then will continue as the aircraft age and second buyers need training, the report said.