Von Essen and PremiAir Leverage Assets


PremiAir Aviation Group is poised to take on new challenges following its acquisition by the von Essen Group of companies. PremiAir has managed von Essen’s fleet of business helicopters and jets, and closer pairing with von Essen’s luxury hotel collection produce “some very interesting business opportunities ahead,” PremiAir Managing Director David McRobert notes. Along with the acquisition, PremiAir also announced that he London Heliport LTD will soon become part of the PremiAir Aviaion Group, that the heliport’s adjoining area will be developed into a luxury von Essen hotel. The heliport is London’s only commercial heliport. Twenty-year-old PremiAir operates a comprehensive business helicopter charter service in the UK with more than 150 employees. Its fleet includes Sikorsky S-76, Agusta A109, Bell 222 and Eurocopter Twin Squirrel helicopters. All are equipped for night and instrument flight.