Watch Boettger Chase A Record Today (Maybe)


AVweb received word late Wednesday that Gordon Boettger, who was honored by the NAA this year for his 2011 sailplane flight of 1,321 miles surfing a mountain wave, plans to aim for a record downwind flight, today (Thursday); and if he’s up you can watch his progress online. The flight is weather-dependent and if it cooperates, Boettger will depart Minden, Nev., at 05:30 local time with his sights set on “somewhere east of the Rockies.” According to Boettger, “Rapid City, S.D., would be fantastic.” It would also cover more than 900 miles as the crow flies. If he’s up, you can follow his progress online, here. Altitudes, which can get significant on Boettger’s flights, will not be shown on that display. They will be shown at Boettger hopes the weather and his planning will one day conspire to allow him to reach his goal of achieving overnight flight in a glider, by “parking” in the lift from a mountain wave.

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