Whale Plane Carries A Message


The Cape Air Cessna 402 normally carries passengers to various Massachusetts and Florida locations, but the twin was to have arrived in Anchorage on Sunday to deliver a conservation message to the International Whaling Commissions annual meeting there. On board the Whale Plane, which is painted in a whale motif, are 50 drawings by children urging the commission to stop hunting whales. The piston twin, with International Fund for Animal Welfare founder Patrick Ramage and his 12-year-old son Henry aboard, stopped in 12 cities along the way for media events calling attention to the escalation of whaling. Henry embarked on the flight with a clear purpose in mind. We need to do whatever we can to save whales and stop commercial whaling, he said in a news release. I am very excited to be able to take this trip with my dad and to tell government leaders how much American kids love whales. Whales should be seen and not hurt.