What Does ADS-B Out Get You? AOPA: Good Question


The FAA issued a final rule just prior to Memorial Day weekend mandating ADS-B Out for general aviation aircraft and, given the rule’s content and the timing of its release, they may have been hoping you wouldn’t notice. If compliance were necessary today, equipping your aircraft with ADS-B Out capability could cost you roughly $8,000 and provide you with no discernible new benefits. You’ll still need Mode-C (if you have it now), but you’ll also need to carry the weight and cost burden of ADS-B Out, which for the average GA pilot basically provides the exact same benefits. So, it’s the ten years between now and the Jan. 1, 2020, compliance date that matter. It’s in that timeframe that groups like the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association will seek to wrangle some benefits of compliance to balance the regulation’s cost to dues-paying members.

AVweb‘s Glenn Pew spoke Wednesday with Heidi Williams, senior director of airspace and modernization for AOPA government affairs. According to Williams, for AOPA, the new mandate for ADS-B Out is just a beginning. Click here to listen to that conversation as a podcast.