Wings Remastered For DVD


Wings, the classic 1927 film about World War I pilots, is available on DVD and Blu-ray for the first time, as of this week. The film, which won the first-ever Academy Award for “Best Picture,” has been “meticulously restored,” according to Paramount Home Entertainment. “Featuring groundbreaking aerial dogfights and epic battle sequences, Wings is both a cinematic spectacle and a compelling story of love and sacrifice,” says PHE. New techniques were developed to capture a “sense of authenticity” in the dogfight sequences, PHE says. The film was one of the first in which the actors actually flew in real airplanes. For the new release, digital techniques were used to restore the film frame by frame, and the original score has been freshly recorded with a full orchestra. Sound effects were re-created by Skywalker Sound.

The Blu-ray version includes three new documentaries to complement the film: “Wings: Grandeur in the Sky” explores the cinematic career of William Wellman, the director, who served as a fighter pilot in World War I; “Dogfight,” which explores the history of early aeronautics; and “Restoring the Power and Beauty of Wings,” about the restoration process. The suggested retail price is $24.99, and for the Blu-ray version, $29.99. The runtime is 144 minutes. The trailer is online here. The film is also available for viewing on Netflix.