Wingsuit Flyer Injured In Crash

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Wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss broke both legs in a fall after jumping from Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, on Tuesday. A YouTube video (right) shows Corliss and a videographer jumping off together, and a few seconds later Corliss hits the mountainside and tumbles to a stop. He was evacuated by helicopter. Corliss, 35, has successfully jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge and the Eiffel Tower, and last September flew through a narrow mountain tunnel in China. Merle Collings, a spokeswoman for the Table Mountain National Park, told ABC Australia that Corliss did not have permission for the attempt. “The danger associated with base jumping does not allow us to issue permits,” she said.

The accident might have been caused by “a strange gust of wind [or] it could have been that he got too close to the mountain,” fellow adventurer Joby Ogwyn told ABC Australia. Corliss reportedly deployed his emergency parachute before hitting, but it may not have fully deployed. He could face fines and charges for attempting the jump without permission. Corliss posted photos from an earlier jump at Table Mountain at his website last week, and said the jump was “for HBO.” He was reported to be in stable condition on Tuesday.