Wingsuit Pilot Releases Video Of Near-Fatal Jump

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Professional base jumper Jeb Corliss is due out of the hospital Friday and Tuesday released comprehensive video of the accident that broke both his legs and came within feet of taking his life when he clipped a rock formation at roughly 180 mph. The accident happened last month while Corliss was filming a jump for a TV documentary at Table Mountain in South Africa. Corliss cleared the rock formation with his upper body, but his legs hit. The contact significantly changed Corliss’ trajectory, causing him to nearly tumble, but he quickly recovered and deployed his parachute. Multiple cameras placed on the ground, on a trailing wingsuiter and on Corliss himself captured the flight and the impact.

After landing under canopy, Corliss was recovered and airlifted to Christiaan Barnaard Hospital in Cape Town. A spokesperson for the hospital said Corliss’ injuries required extensive surgery and skin grafts that have kept him in the hospital under observation. Corliss has previously made successful jumps including one from the Eiffel Tower, another from the Christ the Redeemer stature at Rio de Janeiro, and another from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. He is reportedly banned from New York’s Empire State Building. Corliss’ video of a jump that he performed along a section of the alps has earned more than 1.75 million views online since late 2010. Aside from landmark jumps, Corliss had set his sights on another goal — to land a wingsuit without deploying a parachute. According to the Cape Times, Corliss sent a message from his bed in the hospital, stating simply, “I feel better than I’ve ever felt.” His video thanks those who cared for him after he was recovered.