Wolf Aviation Fund Seeks Great Ideas


If you have a great idea for an innovative project that would promote or support general aviation, the folks at Wolf Aviation Fund want to hear from you by Dec. 15. The fund supported 30 projects this year, including regional teachers’ workshops to spread aviation education across Alaska, an aviation careers classroom designed by Catavia Kids for the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum in New Jersey, a seed grant promoting the Swift Sustainable Aviation Fuel project, and development of an innovative lightweight gondola for high-altitude balloon research. More than 275 projects have been funded to date, many of which have led to the existence of new organizations or have supported projects that continue today, according to the organization.

Proposals are easy to prepare; no elaborate presentations are required. Applicants are asked only to provide four items of information as specified in the guidelines. Wolf grants often are used by their recipients as leverage to approach other sponsors to seek additional funding. Projects must fit into the foundation’s seven major program areas: public policy and airports; networking and mutual support; development and alternative resources; communications, media, and community relations; general aviation technology, safety, and noise; improving public understanding and perception; and aviation and space education. Details can be found at the Wolf Aviation Fund website.