Wolf Fund Deadline Dec. 15


Deadline for proposals for the Wolf Aviation Fund is coming up Dec. 15 and organizers are urging those with project ideas to get cracking on their applications. The idea of the Wolf Fund is to provide small grants to folks who have ideas that foster and promote GA. In the past, grants have been awarded for everything from helping disadvantaged youth in Alaska learn about building airplanes to encouraging Chinese women to learn to fly. The application process isn’t complicated or necessarily time-consuming but there are things applicants need to know, so the first step is reading that page.

“Applications must meet certain criteria and fit into the Fund’s seven major program areas, which are: Developing Public Policy and Airports; Networking and Mutual Support; Development and Alternative Resources; Communications, Media, and Community Relations; General Aviation Technology, Safety, and Noise; Improving Public Understanding and Perception; and Aviation and Space Education,” said spokesman Rol Murrow. The fund is named for Alfred and Constance Wolf, who devoted their lives to the promotion of aviation and whose legacy lives on with the administration of the fund.