WSI Announces AV-300 Series Datalink


WSI Corporation Monday announced commercial availability of its new inFlight AV-300 series datalink weather system. The unit has dimensions similar to the AV200 system but paired with the AV-350 receiver offers not only weather content, but radio entertainment as well. The AV-300 series antenna and receivers have each received FAA TSO authorization. The AV-300 receiver (no radio entertainment) plus antenna is $4,347, plus installation; MSRP for the AV-350 receiver plus antenna is $5,949 plus installation. Weather service plans start at about $30 per month. The system is shipping now. WSI is also attached to the team led by ITT that was recently awarded a contract to develop, deploy and maintain ground stations for the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast system slated to become the cornerstone of the FAA’s next generation air traffic control system.