Young Eagles Protected From Air-Tour Rule


EAA and the FAA have reached a deal that will allow Young Eagles flights to continue unhindered by the new rules affecting sightseeing flights. Some parts of the rule (like the one that bans charity flights in uncertified airplanes) naturally raised concerns at EAA but it all got ironed out in meetings in Washington, D.C., that included FAA Administrator Marion Blakey. “Everyone we met with at FAA assured us that there was no intent to harm the Young Eagles program in any manner through the air-tour rule,” EAA President Tom Poberezny said. The crux of the resolution to the issue was the FAA’s declaration that Young Eagles flights are non-compensation flights and therefore exempt from the air-tour rules (assuming, of course, that no money is changing hands). The FAA has put it in writing and that comfort should be in EAA hands by March 15. Poberezny said the FAA understands the value of the program, which has introduced more than 1.3 million kids to aviation, and continues to be a supporter.